Communal hub for artists a first

Communal hub for artists a First



Those with a burning hunger for creativity can now turn to BigSpace, a new collaborative art environment opening in Ballarat. Located on Sturt Street, the open environment will serve as a communal hub for artists of all creeds to network, collaborate and create together.

Founded by graphic design artist Sam Brown, photographer Aldona Kmiec and cross-artform practitioner Amy Tsilemanis, BigSpace will be the first of its kind in Ballarat.

“We want it to be a catalyst for artists to get on board, work out of isolation, and gain helpful advice from others,” Mr Brown said.

“Hopefully BigSpace can really encourage creative co-working within the community.”

The organisers hope to channel Ballarat’s “abundance of creativity”, as well as promote communal benefits from artists sharing space and resources.

The studio provides clean, ergonomic desks, high-speed internet and a large, naturally lit collaborative space fitted for photography shoots.

The shopfront will also local exhibit art, as well as provide information on Ballarat’s cultural art scene.

“There’s nothing else like it in Ballarat,” Ms Tsilemanis said.

Any profits made from the facility will be put back into the space.

BigSpace will be open from Friday.

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