Health scare for dogs after eating toxic compost

Health scare for dogs after eating toxic compost



Little Stampy and big George have survived a serious case of poisoning after eating some toxic compost.

The compost, which contained inedible toxins from rotting vegetables, caused the dogs to suffer borderline seizures.

“I suddenly noticed that Stampy was shaking,” said Daisy Cooper-Kennington, who was home alone at Buninyong at the time.

“It got progressively more and more violent, so I called Dad.”

When her father returned home, they quickly took Stampy to the vet.

“But when we came home, we noticed that George was shaking as well, so we had to take him, too,” Daisy said.

Dr Luke Ellis, of Ballarat Veterinary Practice, who treated the dogs, said many people were unaware of how poisonous compost could be to pets.

“If they ingest enough, they can die from it,” he said.

“Luckily we could flush them out and heavily sedate them to stop the tremors.”

After staying overnight at the vet, both Stampy and George returned home healthy.

“They’re a bit drowsy,” Daisy said. “But other than that they’re back to normal,” she said.


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