RedR Australia Monitoring Relations & Training

RedR Australia Monitoring Relations & Training



RedR Australia considers it a basic duty to maintain familiar, face-to-face relationships with all their deployees and the humanitarian agencies they’re working for.By keeping our human relations strong, both RedR Australia and their deployees are able to work together openly, comfortably and to their full capacity.

To ensure this RedR Australia recently sent Carolyn Cummins, one of our Programme Officers, to monitor relations with our deployee Carly Learson in Yangon & Sittwe in Myanmar.In these regions, which have endured ongoing bouts of ethnic infighting between the Rohingya Muslims and Rakhine Buddhists, approx. 140,000 people are currently displaced and living in makeshift camps.

Carly Learson is working with OCHA in Communications with Communities (CwC), and was deployed to Myanmar to improve the overall communication lines between the people, government and agencies. During Carolyn’s time in Myanmar, she made sure Carly was content and capable in her position in Myanmar.

Carolyn also worked to strengthen ‘RedR to Agency’ communication with the regional humanitarian agencies in Myanmar such as OCHA, WFP, UNHCR and UNICEF. Carolyn said that RedR being physically present in their regional offices strengthens relations and open dialogue.

“It’s just important being there,” she said, “to speak to them face-to-face.”

This was especially highlighted when Carolyn first arrived and was surprised by how little Regional Office and Field staff supervising RedR deployees were aware of RedR Australia and the full extent of its services.

“I found out that many agencies didn’t know about us in Myanmar, and that they weren’t aware of our services and the process in applying for our deployees,” she said.

To rectify this Carolyn provided agencies with extensive and current information on RedR Australia, focusing on our initial request process, extensions, skill sets and general procedures.

After monitoring relations in Myanmar, RedR Australia sent Carolyn on further still to Sweden for contemporary capacity training as part of an OCHA Stand-by Partner Humanitarian Affairs Induction Course from 1 to 5 September.

RedR Australia, who recently became a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), ensures that our own staff members are trained to the same quality as all our deployees.

Alex Thornton, another RedR Programme Officer, was sent in September to Hua Hin, Thailand, to attend Basics of International Response (BIHR) training.

Run by UNHCR’s eCentre, the field-based training provided an overview of international standards and approaches necessary during an emergency humanitarian response. The entire course is run in Fort Thanarat where, with the assistance of the Thai military, participants are thrown into the fictional world ‘Suremia’.

In the simulation neighbouring countries are facing conflict, resulting in a large influx of IDPs flooding into Suremia. In this training Alex learned how to assess the situation, deciding with other participants how best to provide food, water, shelter, and security to asylum seekers.


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